WD Arkeia R220S NAS Server 8TB 16GB RAM Intel Xeon 6-Bays RAID WDBFYC0080LBK


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All-in-one backup solution for Small- and Medium-sized (SMB) Businesses

The all-in-one backup appliance comes packaged with WD Arkeia™ network backup software, integrated RAID for disk backup, and connectivity for cloud replication. By delivering award-winning software as a purpose-built backup appliance, WD Arkeia provides a scalable network backup solution that is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses with minimal IT staff. WD Arkeia offers the enterprise-class capabilities—features, platform support, and web-based interface—required by SMBs to reduce deployment complexity and ensure ease of administration.

Protection for Physical and Virtual Systems

WD Arkeia protects all four of the leading virtualization solutions: VMware vSphere®, Microsoft Hyper-V®, Citrix XenServer®, and Red Hat RHEV®. WD Arkeia also supports over 200 platforms, protecting virtually all Linux and Windows platforms, as well as Macintosh®, Novell®, Solaris®, HP-UX®, AIX®, and BSD. We also offer specialized agents for hot backups of open files used by important applications, databases, and directory servers (see below).

Progressive Deduplication

WD Arkeia uses an advanced, patented deduplication technology called Progressive Deduplication that is both source-side and block grain. Progressive Deduplication delivers high compression ratios which saves end-users money by reducing storage volume and network performance requirements. Moving less data over the network accelerates backups and shrinks backup windows.

Single, Integrated Product

WD Arkeia was engineered with a single, consistent architecture that allows data protection to be fast, easy-to-use, and reliable. The WD Arkeia appliance delivers a complete network backup solution based on a kernel for multiplexed high-speed data transfer. Optional capabilities of our backup servers (for example, encryption) are enabled or disabled with license keys to simplify deployment and maintenance.

Secure Storage on Disk, Tape, and Cloud

WD Arkeia backup servers support direct backup to disk and tape with replication to disk, tape, and public or private clouds. WD Arkeia supports all storage devices that respect the SCSI II standard—over 600 devices and virtually all tape drives, autoloaders, and libraries.

WD Arkeia can optionally encrypt your data (AES-256) at the source, guaranteeing secure transmission over the LAN, even to remote storage. We even write on every backup tape the C-language source code to restore your data. So, even if you’ve lost your WD Arkeia appliance, you’ll still be able to restore your data.

Easy to Deploy; Easy to Administer

Configure and administer the products using either our web-based graphical user interface or our command-line interface (CLI). Operations can be performed identically through either interface, offering administrators the utmost flexibility in management.

Upgrading your appliance firmware to benefit from the newest WD Arkeia features is easy because you don’t have to upgrade backup agents on the client machines. The Version 10.0 backup server on this appliance still supports Version 4 backup agents, minimizing costs of software administration.

Fast Backups and Restores

WD Arkeia employs several advanced technologies to achieve optimal performance. For example, WD Arkeia parallelizes client backups. One backup server can simultaneously back up as many as 200 clients—even for backups made direct-to-tape. WD Arkeia accelerates restores by writing (but never overwriting) the precise files required to meet the target recovery point. Client-side (“source-side”) deduplication, encryption, and compression distribute the load across many client machines, accelerating these CPU-intensive tasks. WAN replication of deduped backup sets only moves blocks that are not already at the replication destination.

File Agents Protect Over 200 Different Platforms

WD Arkeia protects over 200 different physical platforms, including virtually all Linux and Windows platforms, as well as AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Mac OS X, Netware®, and Solaris®, so you can centrally manage backups of all your data. Broad platform support is ideal for heterogeneous environments because a single backup strategy can protect all data on the LAN. A broadly applicable, single solution simplifies deployment and maintenance.

Optional backup agent features include client-side (“source-side”) deduplication, compression, and encryption. Putting deduplication, encryption, and compression on the client side distributes CPU load across many client machines rather than centralizing it on the backup server. This architecture shortens backup periods and improves server scalability.

Specialized Agents Protect Applications, Databases, and Directory Servers

In addition to file backup agents, WD Arkeia offers over a dozen optional specialized backup agents for hot backups of important applications, database servers, directory servers, and virtualization hypervisors. These agents leverage application programming interfaces (for example, Microsoft VSS®, VMware vStorage, Novell SMS®) furnished by each software vendor.

Applications include Microsoft Exchange®, Microsoft SharePoint®, Lotus Domino®, and Novell Groupwise®. Databases include Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle, IBM DB2®, MySQL®, and PostgreSQL®. Directory servers include Microsoft Active Directory®, Novell eDirectory®, and OpenLDAP®. Virtualization hypervisors include VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Bare-metal Disaster Recovery

WD Arkeia offers bare-metal restores for Linux and Windows Server on all x86 platforms, both 32- and 64-bit. We support all major Linux distributions, as well as the full range of Windows Servers, including Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003, 7, 2008, 8, and 2012.

With bare-metal disaster recovery the restore process includes restoring data structures necessary to make the target machine bootable. Disaster recovery leverages full, differential, and incremental backups, as well as backups of both file- and non-file data. WD Arkeia also allows off-line backups that record a block-by-block image of any disk.

Replication Offsite, to Private or Public Cloud

The WD Arkeia backup server can copy backup sets among backup servers across a wide area network (WAN). Replication of encrypted, deduplicated, and compressed backup data is the foundation of WD Arkeia’s backup-to-cloud offering.

Backup replication ensures that backup sets are both protected and readily accessible. Backup replication offers interactive, chained, and scheduled copying of data coming from full, differential, and incremental backups. Backups are first performed to disk storage on the LAN, keeping backup windows to a minimum. After the backup is complete, backups are replicated to a WD Arkeia backup server on a remote computer.

Proven Solutions for Data Protection

WD, a Western Digital company, is a long-time innovator and storage industry leader. In 2012 WD acquired Arkeia Software®, which has delivered data protection solutions to customers around the world since 1996. Arkeia delivered the industry’s first professional backup solution for Linux, first virtual appliance for backup, and first implementation of Progressive Deduplication technology for backup.

Top-tier Technical Support

WD’s technical support and service teams are second to none. As backup software specialists, our service engineers are experts in systems and storage, and in data protection best practices. The same California- and France-based engineers that deliver consulting and training also staff our support operation.

Warranty and Maintenance

The WD Arkeia R220S even allows end users to perform their own routine maintenance. Replacing one of the pre-installed drives is as easy as changing a light bulb. Just swap out the drive and WD Arkeia does the rest. It seamlessly synchronizes the RAID-1 pair. You can still back up and restore data during the resynchronization process. No data loss. No down time.

Genaral Information  
Brand Name Western Digital
Colour Black
Model Number WDBWLU0120LBK
Type NAS
Ethernet LAN  
Ethernet LAN Yes
Ethernet LAN Data Rates 10 • 100 • 1000 Mbit/s
Ethernet LAN Ports (RJ-45) 2
Physical Specification  
Item Depth (mm) 650
Item Height (mm) 90
Item Width (mm) 440
LEDs Yes
Weight (kg)



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WD Arkeia R220S NAS Server 8TB 16GB RAM Intel Xeon 6-Bays RAID WDBFYC0080LBK