HP Replacement Laptop Li-ion Battery 4Cells 7.2V, 37wh, 4840mAh (HSTNN-OB37)


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This compatible replacement battery is suitable for use in your laptop or notebook computer. Give your portable devices a new boost of energy with our battery, allowing you to work or surf the internet wherever you are.

Lithium batteries are among the most powerful batteries, in particular on account of their high energy capacity, low self-discharge and very high durability. Due to their large operating temperature range and high power reserves, the batteries are characterised by long-life.


Replaces the following original battery types:

HP : 431325-321, 441131-001, HSTNN-OB37




Suitable for the following device models:

HP Pavilion: TX1000, tx1000Z, tx1001AU, tx1001XX, tx1002AU, tx1002XX, tx1003AU, tx1004AU, tx1005AU, tx1006AU, tx1007AU, tx1008AU, tx1009AU, tx1010AU, tx1011AU, tx1012AU, tx1013AU, tx1014AU, tx1015AU, tx1016AU, tx1017AU, tx1020AU, tx1020EA, tx1021AU, tx1030EA, tx1030LA, tx1040EA, tx1070br, tx1080EA, tx1100, tx1101AU, tx1102AU, tx1103AU, tx1104AU, tx1105AU, tx1106AU, tx1107AU, tx1110CA, tx1110US, tx1113CL, tx1115NR, tx1119US, tx1120US, tx1125EA, tx1126EA, tx1127CL, tx1127EA, tx1128EA, tx1129EA, tx1137EA, tx1138EA, tx1140EA, tx1150EA, tx1151EA, tx1200, tx1201au, tx1202au, tx1203au, tx1204au, tx1205/CT, tx1205au, tx1205us, tx1206au, tx1207au, tx1208au, tx1208ca, tx1209au, tx1210au, tx1210ca, tx1210us, tx1211au, tx1212au, tx1213au, tx1214au, tx1215au, tx1215nr, tx1216au, tx1217au, tx1217cl, tx1218au, tx1218ca, tx1219au, tx1219us, tx1220au, tx1220ca, tx1220us, tx1221au, tx1222au, tx1223au, tx1224au, tx1225au, tx1226au, tx1228ca, tx1230la, tx1232la, tx1240ef, tx1240er, tx1250ea, tx1250ee, tx1250eg, tx1250el, tx1250en, tx1250eo, tx1250es, tx1250et, tx12560ea, tx1270ed, tx1270eo, tx1270ep, tx1270es, tx1280er, tx1300, tx1301au, tx1302au, tx1303au, tx1304au, tx1304ca, tx1305au, tx1305ca, tx1305us, tx1306au, tx1306nr, tx1307au, tx1308au, tx1308ca, tx1308nr, tx1309au, tx1310au, tx1311au, tx1312au, tx1313au, tx1314au, tx1314ca, tx1315au, tx1316au, tx1317au, tx1318au, tx1318ca, tx1319au, tx1320au, tx1320ca, tx1320eg, tx1320eo, tx1320er, tx1320es, tx1320us, tx1321au, tx1325ep, tx1325es, tx1325nr, tx1327cl, tx1330es, tx1330la, tx1332la, tx1340ea, tx1340es, tx1345eo, tx1350ed, tx1350ee, tx1350ef, tx1350el, tx1350en, tx1350er, tx1350et, tx1360er, tx1390ef, tx1400, tx1401au, tx1402au, tx1403au, tx1404au, tx1410us, tx1414ca, tx1416ca, tx1417cl, tx1418ca, tx1419nr, tx1420ca, tx1420us, TX2000, tx2000ed, tx2000es, tx2000z, tx2001au, tx2002au, tx2003au, tx2004au, tx2005/CT, tx2005au, tx2006au, tx2007au, tx2008au, tx2009au, tx2010au, tx2010eo, tx2010er, tx2010es, tx2011au, tx2012au, tx2013au, tx2014au, tx2015au, tx2016au, tx2017au, tx2018au, tx2019au, tx2020au, tx2020eo, tx2021au, tx2022au, tx2023au, tx2024au, tx2025au, tx2026au, tx2027au, tx2028au, tx2029au, tx2030au, tx2030ee, tx2030en, tx2031au, tx2032au, tx2033au, tx2050ea, tx2050ef, tx2051xx, tx2052xx, tx2100, tx2100ed, tx2100ep, tx2100er, tx2101au, tx2102au, tx2103au, tx2104au, tx2104ca, tx2105au, tx2106au, tx2107au, tx2108au, tx2108ca, tx2109au, tx2110ca, tx2110es, tx2110us, tx2113cl, tx2114ca, tx2115nr, tx2117cl, tx2120es, tx2120us, tx2130ea, tx2130el, tx2130es, tx2130et, tx2140eg, tx2150ee, tx2150ef, tx2150ei, tx2170ee, TX2500, tx2500z, tx2501au, tx2502au, tx2551xx


Warranty: 90 Days Warranty

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Grade 'A' – Looks like NEW.
Grade "B" - Fully functional, slight cosmetics scratches.
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HP Replacement Laptop Li-ion Battery 4Cells 7.2V, 37wh, 4840mAh (HSTNN-OB37)