Lumin Undelete

$ 9.99

Lumin Undelete is a preferable engineering recovery tool and a must have utility for end user. It is a utility that scans your hard drive for all files or folders that can be undeleted. This software will cater all types of logical corruption in SD/flash cards, USB drives, internal and external drives. Lumin undelete is an immediate and effectual way to retrieve deleted files, files removed from the Recycle Bin or from windows explorer. It has quite influential user interface along with number of scanners which make Lumin Undelete masterpiece recovery software. There is nothing quite like losing an important file and spent hours working on. Just you delete a file it doesn’t mean it has gone forever. You can use Lumin Undelete recovery software to regain files that have been deleted or lost. Lumin undelete is the utility that contain self-navigated interface which placed it as a user friendly product.